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Anonymous Tip of the Week: The Real Story of Monica

YallAintChit’s editors received the below email from an anonymous reader the other day. Please note that the information provided does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this website, and we have no evidence to support or deny any of these allegations. However, after much debate, we agreed to post it for ya’ll to read and decide what the “real deal” is with controversy-magnet and R&B singer Monica. Let’s us know what you think in the comments below:

“I am a loyal reader and big fan of your site. I came across your post about Monica and had to send you this email so the truth about Monica could finally be told. I am a close, personal friend of Monica’s and have known her since back in the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s.  Monica projects an image of herself that she knows is not true thinking that this will make her more successful or more loved.  However, the truth is I know the REAL Monica.
The REAL Moncia [sic] came from a rough background and was into drugs at the time.  After her initial success few people wanted to work with her because of her bad attitude and diva-ish behavior.  She REALLY wanted to be into movies and acting and always hated any other female that achieved any sort of success, which is why she hated Brandy so much.  As her career cooled because of her attitude she really began to get wild and promiscuous.  She slept with several widely known married men just out of spite.  She explicitly stated that she had no real feelings for them but felt that the wives of these men somehow “disrespected” her.  Then she started getting into drugs real heavy as well.  Not much later she met C-Murder through Foxy Brown when she was just 16, but she already could seduce a man like a grown woman. She was willing to do ANYTHING to be with C and he found that alluring. At some point she agreed to have trains ran on her by the whole No Limit family to show her devotion to C-Murder.  Later, she convinced C to leave his wife for her although she was ten years his junior and C had been with his wife for ten years and had children together. She also knew that C was a wife-beater but she would find a way to blame C’s wife for the beatings by saying things like “she should have done what she was told” and “C only gets really violent with her”.   Her drug habit got progressively worse and C would smack her up for getting into his dope. She called me once from a payphone outside of a local mall because C had dropped her off and left her there stranded after an argument. She asked me if she could borrow $50 for a cab, but I knew she would just spend it on rock.  I think she has successfully kicked the habit but this was why she’s had such lulls in her career when no one would hear from her.  C- Murder and Monica officially ended things during one particularly heated argument in which C-Murder revealed to Monica that he had video footage of her getting trains run on her by other members of No Limit and had distributed the video among his friends. Monica exploded with rage and broke all the plates in the house and C-Murder’s gold records. She left C shortly before his arrest for attempted murder.
After that, Monica dated around for a bit but then hooked up with Rocko.  Few people know that Rocko was also in a relationship with a child when he met Monica.  She really only got with him out of spite because she didn’t like Rocko’s girlfriend but found herself really liking him after a while.   Rocko left his girlfriend for Monica and later found out how she REALLY is.  Rocko also found out about the tape and said it was one of the reasons he wouldn’t marry her, despite her begging him repeatedly. Soon Rocko made it CLEAR that Monica would never be more than a jump off.  She was content with that position but saw an opportunity to push her latest album amid her a fake break up.  Even though she said weeks earlier things were fine. She never intended to really break up with Rocko, just release a story saying that to sell more albums. But Rocko saw it as an “out” and left Monica.  They still occasionally hook up even though they have both moved on to other people.  She tried to use jealousy to get him back and hooked up with Shannon Brown, who also was involved when he met Monica. I do know that she recently fired a member of her staff because they got their hands on a copy of the No Limit tape and threatened to leak it after Monica physically assaulted them. Once Shannon Brown also found out about the tape and her hook ups with Rocko and he threatened to leave her but instead ran out and cheated on her with a girlfriend of a certain Lakers’ player. Both Shannon and Monica eventually agreed to let the past be the past and renewed their vows, but Monica still has a very “close” relationship with Rocko, and not just for the kids.
Monica and I are still cool and I love her deeply, but I try to keep my distance due to her violent outbursts. I pray for Monica every day and I know she’s always on the internet reading anything related to herself.  I hope she reads this and gets the help she needs for the sake of her children and to stop misleading people.  I know she is very troubled and just needs to get help for her anger issues and drug problem and she will be alright.”

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  2. This sounds like it could be true and I’m not surprised and I really haven’t been a fan – I was happy for her and her hubby but hey WTF EVER!

  3. Oh Lawd have mercy!!! Get it together Monica!

  4. This article is stupid on so many levels. If this person is a so called friend why in the world would you feel the need to expose such foolishness whether it is true or not. Looks like somebody is bitter and straight up jealous b/c if she is in fact the biggest ho out there, she is now married and living her life while you are sitting behind a computer feeling compelled to bring of old mess. Chile Bye…..

  5. HAHAHAHA! Well thank God for Jesus.. that s why he give life… you can mess it all up and he can renew your spirit….

  6. Cut The Bull$hit!

    I have to see it to believe it.

  7. This some bullshit and the person who sent it is some bullshit as well u call yourself a friend but u send allegations like this to the Internet about a so call friend how much you get out of the deal where the tape at I don’t care what she’s done she’s very talented and blessed you fail to mention that she’s a wonderful mother or that she’s taking care of her ex boyfriend who killed himself in front of her son this shit for the birds

  8. Yeah so Brandy or Ray J done wrote this ish. Monica’s career cooled down around 2000 but picked back up around 2003 so from the time she was between 20-23. When she was 16 true Foxy introduced her to C Murder who was
    not married when they got together (Mia X verified). A train being ran on her by No Limit as well as a sextape isn’t very believable. All in all…if you’re a friend you talk to her privately not put her on blast on the internet. This isn’t tea…..its a sour puss who is hating. Monica is a married mother living her best life. She’s made mistakes and moved on.


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