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Kat Von D Still a Stupid B**ch, Nazis Take Over Hollywood

The happy, Jew-hating couple, in better times...

Tattooist and reality show person, Kat Von D, who famously split from Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James just days ago, has proclaimed that she will keep the tattoo she got of Jesse’s face on her ribcage.

The portrait is a drawing of a photo of Jesse in 5th grade (what?), complete with bowl cut and goofy smile. Kat said that she “loves” the tattoo and “it has a lot of meaning”.

So, the more I dig into this couple, the more I am convinced that they are Nazis – all of ’em. That means you, Sandra Bullock, granddaughter of a German rocket scientist who lived in Nuremburg where the Nazi trials took place! Age 47, who hails from Arlington, Virginia, one of the most racist towns in North America!

Then there’s Jesse, who cheated on Sandra with prostitute Michelle McGee, who likes to dress up in Nazi armbands and hats and nothing else. Jesse also likes to play dress-up: TMZ leaked a pic of him doing the “heil Hitler” salute 2 years ago, and he’s been seen sporting more Nazi icono

One of the whores whom Jesse cheated on Sandra with, who is apparently a big fan of genocide and evil.

graphy. He says its “biker stuff”. Apparently that’s why he’s famous – he’s on that show “West Coast Choppers.” Biker stuff? No… Bikes are Biker stuff. Having a W and P for white power tattooed on your legs is RACIST NAZI stuff.

Now: let’s move on to Kat… Ex Steve O from Jackass has publicly called her a “nazi liar,” when asked about Jesse’s afficionado for nazi paraphernalia, Kat just said, “no comment.” Kat even defended the whore who Jesse cheated on his wife with (besides her) for wearing the Nazi garb. She also dated Nikki Sixx, 80s hair metal rocker, who likes to prance around in swastikas and Nazi outfits. Further, Perez Hilton called Kat a Nazi once and she denied it, calling herself “a proud latina.” Latina?? Really, Katherine Von Drachenburg????

Look — if it wears duck clothing, talks like a duc

k, walks like a duck and tastes like a duck, its a fuggin Nazi. Plus, oh innocent Sandra with your new black baby, you don’t marry a Nazi if you aren’t racist yourself. You don’t get into a lifelong commitment with someone who attends Klan rallies and not know about it. I don’t know about y’all but I’m going home to burn my copies of “Miss Congeniality” and “Speed”. WHY ARE THESE RACIST PEOPLE FAMOUS??? Why do we still watch their shows???

Oh, and Kat Von D walked out of her interview with Good Morning America or some show ala Chris Brown the other day. Stupid b**ch.

A leaked picture signed by Kat, which she claims is a fake.


"W.P." - It doesn't stand for Waffles and Pancakes...


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  1. I think Sandra Bullock is the worst of them all! At least folk like Jesse James and Kat Von Slut pretty much tell you who they are…

    That Bullock woman is pure evil. I can sense it! There has always been something about her.

  2. def something fucked up wit bullock i dont dout almost evryone would agree their is something off about her


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